Perfect for clothing and to help customers more easily imagine themselves wearing your garments.

In order to achieve this look your garment is first photographed normally on a mannequin. Then, the parts of the garment that were obscured from view, such as the inner neck area, are photographed separately. In Photoshop, the two images are combined to make your garment look like it is being worn by an invisible mannequin, or ghost. It’s a great solution allowing for a fitted look without needing a model.

  • Single photo €45.00 one photo
  • 2-4 photos €40.50 per photo
  • 5-9 photos €36.00 per photo
  • 10-19 photos €31.50 per photo
  • 20-49 photos €27.00 per photo
  • 50-99 photos €22.50 per photo
  • 100+ photos €18.00 per photo
  • 3 day rush add €75.00 for up to 10 photos

No extra charge for

Leather, shiny or metallic surfaces.

See through or netted clothing.

Black background instead of white.

Building up to 3 piece composites if your garment is part of a set (Swimwear, PJs etc).

Product prep including steaming.


Photography specifications

High resolution 3000x3000pixel jpeg image at 300dpi.

Pure white background (RGB 255,255,255).

Photo editing to remove blemishes, marks and minor defects.

Instant delivery online of images.

Royalty free unlimited use license.

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